Frequently Asked Questions

From how much are your rings start?
- We work according to your budget we do not have prices fixed as we wouldn't know what design or style you may want.

Where are you located?
- We are based in Durban but service the whole of South Africa.

How can I request more information regarding a specific piece (Carat weight, metal weight, stone clarity, whether or not a gemstone is natural or created, measurements etc)?
If the information that you are looking for about an item is not included in the description on our website, you can submit a request through email or on the phone. We will do our best to accommodate your request as soon as possible, usually within the same day.

I was unsuccessful placing an order on your site. Why has my credit card been charged?
If your orders were not successful your credit card will not be charged. Any transactions reflected on your account are authorizations only and will automatically disappear within a few days depending on your bank’s procedures

 Do you have any physical stores?
Billdore Jewellery is a web-based retailer & by appointment only shop. Although we won't have catalogs at this time, we will be adding jewellery to our site and social media pages periodically, so please check back frequently to browse fresh styles.

Why was my order declined?
Orders can be declined for multiple reasons. Orders will not be authorized by the system if the card is expired or the charge is above the credit limit. Failure to authenticate billing information will also result in a declined order, please check to make sure all details have been entered completely and correctly and correspond to the card being used.

How can I request a return authorization (Return Policy & Instructions)?
You can make your request by contacting Billy on Phone: +27 64 034 5406 | Email: